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Custom Pattern Making Online

Show off your design talent and you can profit from your designs and build an influential swimwear line that will last through unique creativity. It is not necessary to have the expertise of a designer and is easy for anyone to accomplish. Our team will complete the design based on the inspiration and sketches you provide, and adjust the piece as needed.

Private Labelling Swimwear Supplier

For your swimwear collection, it is essential to have branding. We create durable labels through the most popular screen printing methods. High quality standards and materials make them durable.

Custom Pattern Fabric Print

We can create your own swimsuit collection based on your custom pattern. All we need is your 300Dpi file, print the pattern on our high resolution printer, select the fabric to be used, and make a sample on our automatic cutting machine. Start your custom swimwear business.

Low Moq Swimwear Manufacturer China

We support small start-up teams by meeting low minimum order quantities. We not only serve well-known brand customers, we also work with smaller entrepreneurs to develop creative products and grow together with our customers.We are low moq swimwear manufacturer.

' We’re the supplier of several of your favorite swimwear brands! '

OEM & ODM Bikini and Low Moq Swimwear Manufacturer China

China OEM & ODM Woman's Bikini Sets

Bikini Sets China Manufacturer & Supplier

One Piece Swimwear

One Piece Swimwear Manufacturer China Wholesale,Supplier

Two Piece Swimwear

Two Piece BeachWear China Manufacturer & Supplier

Have you always dreamed on having your own swimwear collection?

We will be glad to help you on all process to make sure your high quality swimwear collection will come true.Ready to go and custom made designs, with high quality fabric.Worldwide shipping.

Why Working With Us?

We have extensive experience , High quality product , Growth with our customers , Ethical manufacturing , low moq swimwear manufacturer China

Provide Fast Quotation

It is important to know the cost of the product for the new style line you are going to carry. We will provide a quick quote based on the styles and fabrics previously communicated, including shipping and labeling costs.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our employees, both design team and production workers, work strictly according to working hours and have a balanced work-life schedule. Compensation is much higher than the average social wage, and we have a positive and healthy corporate culture with good insurance.

Our Team Value Your Privacy

We protect the privacy of our customers and do not disclose or share information such as your name, designs, prints and ideas with others. It will not be promoted, sold, published or reproduced for profit in competition with other customers or related.

Extensive Experience swimwear maker

Over the years, through our business team in China, we have been providing high quality swimwear products to partners around the world, among them not only successful brands, but also growing with small teams. We have achieved commercial success while realizing our social values.



Our History

  JOLI was born in 2016,It's a brand of Dalian TEK co.,LTD.

  Professional swimsuit manufacturer and has more than 5 years experience for design and production. We are providing OEM and ODM.JOLI is low moq swimwear manufacturer China, all of our products can be customized.

Our Factory

  Our factory use Light/Small custom quatities strategy to follow the quickly change of the market. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. We have spacious working place, workshops with advanced equipments and production lines with strict quality control system. Quality was made under AQL2.5 4.0 standard, either customer can come for inspection or ask third party inspection company for inspection.

  JOLI support fast delivery and one stop service.

  We sincerely welcome great clients from all over the world to long term cooperate with us.



  • What is swimwear manufacturing process?

    Swimwear manufacturing is a specialized process that requires careful attention to detail and quality. From design to production, here are some of the key steps involved in creating high-quality swimwear garments.

  • Nylon lycra swimwear fabric types

    Swimwear fabric is a specialized type of material designed to be used in swimming and water-related activities. The fabric used for swimwear must be able to withstand exposure to water, chlorine, salt, and sunlight, while also providing comfort and flexibility to the wearer.

  • How do I start a swimsuit line in 5 steps?

    If you are willing to work hard to build your business, then you will want to follow the key steps to creating a successful brand. Starting a swimwear line takes a lot of hard work, dedication and most importantly, passion. If you ask any entrepreneur, starting a business can present quite a few challenges.

  • Where can I find trusted low moq swimwear manufacturer China?

    If you're looking for trusted swimwear manufacturers with low MOQ in China, you've come to the right place. There are a large number of swimsuit manufacturers in China, and one of the best ways to find them is to browse their profiles.

  • How to create a swimwear brand?Let me tell you.

    New business brings new challenges, and the swimwear industry is no exception. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs are seeing the potential of swimwear. So whether you want to create the feeling of a vacation all year round or find an outlet for your creativity, selling swimwear may be the solution. We hope this guide has provi···

  • How much does it cost to produce a swimsuit?

    Every swimsuit is different and its price will depend on its model. For example, a bikini is priced differently than a full piece. After this, you must also consider the material or fabric they are made of and the accessories used.

  • How to choose the best swimsuit Suppliers in China?

    You can find the best swimsuits manufacturers in China if you take the time and experience to look for them; there are ways in which you can find the right suppliers who can provide custom swimwear.

  • How to find out the best Swimwear manufacturers from china?

    With China as the world's product manufacturing factory, finding a swimwear manufacturer in China is not a difficult task. However, if you are not aware of some facts, you may end up choosing the wrong supplier for your business..Almost any product supplier is likely to find a suitable supplier in China. Therefore, thi···




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